Coronavirus Information - 3/16/20 UPDATE

Clearview Regional School Community Members:

I’d like to thank everyone in our entire community for your patience as we navigate the challenges related to the COVID-19 pandemic. This issue has created some very complex scenarios that required a substantial amount of time and creativity to properly address. I’m not naïve to think that we’ve fully resolved all of the items that have to be addressed, but I’m confident that we’re prepared to initiate ‘Remote Learning’ in our district.

We have submitted a ‘Remote Learning’ plan to the Gloucester County Department of Education and have consulted the Gloucester County Department of Health. Both steps were required to enable our district to count the Remote Learning days toward the 180 school-day requirement. We anticipate the plan’s approval which means, beginning on Monday, March 16th, the remote learning days will count towards the State of New Jersey’s school-day requirement.

I’m going to provide as much detail as possible in an effort to provide answers and guidance specific to the next two weeks. The following information will answer the majority of questions.

 Guidelines for Teachers During Remote Learning Period

The remote learning plan is an online learning plan. Teachers and students will not be “live” with one another during any given times, or during the regular times of 1st period, etc. Teachers will teach their classes electronically, and students will complete the assigned material throughout the day and submit on the due date as prescribed by the teacher.
Teachers will be available for district/parent calls and emails during their regularly scheduled work hours.
Teachers will be checking and responding to electronic communication from the district, parents, and students frequently.
Teachers will provide ongoing feedback to students on their progress and learning outcomes.
Teachers will update their PowerSchool gradebooks as soon as possible after remote assignments are due.
Teachers will accept assignments until 11:59PM on the due date, in order to be flexible for families with varying device needs and internet access.
Staff will attend virtual meetings as scheduled during their regularly scheduled work hours

Guidelines for School Counselors, Mental Health, and Other Staff Members

Counselors will ‘check-in’ via email or phone calls to the student’s home.
For the most at-risk students, the assigned school counselors, student assistance coordinator, social worker, school psychologists, etc. will contact on an as needed basis.
Counselors will be available for district/parent calls and emails during their regularly scheduled work hours.
Counselors will check and respond to electronic communication from the district, parents, and students frequently.
Counselors will log contact with students and parents through PowerSchool log entries.
Google classrooms for each grade level 9-12, and for grades 7-8 are established for students, parents to access resources on academic, social, emotional counseling services.
Resources are also available on the School Counseling/Guidance page on the district website.
Staff will attend virtual meetings as scheduled during their regularly scheduled work hours

Guidelines for Teachers of Special Education Students:

Teachers will address special education accommodations to the best of their ability, with extra time, modified work, shortened assignments, extra notes, scaffolding, text-to-speech, etc.
Teachers will leverage software that adapts to student needs - IXL, NewsELA, etc.
Teachers will differentiate assignments and objectives through Google Classroom to targeted groups of students as appropriate.
The Director of Spec. Educ. will communicate with OOD service providers, parents, and transportation

Guidance for Child Study Team Members

IEPs for students have been written with flexibility in relation to service minutes. Missed minutes of service (PT/OT/Speech/etc.) will be made up when regular school services resume.
● Annual review meetings will proceed as scheduled with participants using Google Hangout feature. Any evaluation or conference that needs to be rescheduled will be rescheduled after regular school services resume. Time-sensitive evaluations or conferences will be held via phone conference.
● A memo will be sent to parents reminding them of their case manager’s contact information, should they have any questions or concerns.

  Alternative/’Evening School’ Program

  • Students who are currently in the Alternative Day school setting will continue to log into APEXfrom home.


  • Based on the survey results from the past few weeks, students identified in need of technology device for home will be provided devices as follows:
    Devices can be picked up:
    High School Library during the hours of 7:30-3:00 or from 5:00- 7:00PM

    Middle School Main Office during the hours of 7:30-3:00 or from 5:00-7:00PM
  • If you are unable to pick up a device at that time, parents should call Lisa String at 856- 223-2791 to arrange a time for pick up.
  • Parents must be present to pick up the device, in order to sign the required paperwork. Information on how parents can obtain free or discounted internet access at home will be provided at this time as well.
  • If students do not have internet access, packets will be delivered

     Building Access for Students
  • Students who need to enter the school to retrieve personal effects, textbooks, or athletic items can report to the school on Monday only, between the hours of 7:30-3:00 or 5:00- 7:00PM. Students will not be permitted in the building after Monday, in order to preserve health and safety cleaning measures.

    Nutrition Services - Breakfast/Lunch Distribution

  • During the period of the implementation of our Remote Learning Plan, we will be providing breakfast and lunch to those students who qualify for free/reduced meals.
  • We will be preparing both breakfast and lunch for each of the students. Our central location for pick up/distribution is located at the back of the High School cafeteria from 10:00-12:00. Please drive around the back of the High School (door #24) for pick up. In extenuating circumstances, we will make arrangements to deliver the meals. Please call the Food Service Director at 856-223-2725 to arrange for pick up.
  • Each Parent/Guardian will be receiving an email and/or phone call with instructions on how to order breakfast/lunch on a weekly basis

    Nurses Office

    If your child’s medication is needed to be secured from the Nurse’s Office, please call the High School Office at 856-223-2719 or the Middle School Nurse at 856-223-2755

     Our Central Office and school offices will be open to answer calls and address issues that arise. Our  website will be updated to ensure you have the most recent information. Our website    ( has all of the contact information, but here are a few numbers for quick  reference. Please check the website for additional information.

    • High School Office 856-223-2790 
    • Middle School Office 856-223-2740
    • Business Office 856-223-2760
    • Superintendent’s Office 856-223-2765
    • Transportation Office 856-223-2735
    • High School Guidance Office 856-223-2710
    • Middle School Guidance Office 856-223-2750

 An email address was created to answer questions related to the entire Remote Learning plan. 

 Please email  
COVID19@clearviewregional.edwith any questions. 

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