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How to Log Into a SharePoint Site
SharePoint is the collaborative work space for faculty and students at Clearview Regional HS District. A person must be given permission to login to specific SharePoint site by being added as a member. Members must have a username given to them.  This is the same username used when logging into computers inside the district.  SharePoint works best on computers running a Windows operating system. 

In order to log in, a person must have a Clearview Regional HS District account and have permissions to a specific site.
2.) In the login box for username, enter crhs\username
  *Where username is replaced with your Clearview user account. This is the username and password you use to login to the computers at school.  (IT IS NOT YOUR POWERSCHOOL USERNAME AND PASSWORD)
 * Be sure to include crhs\ before your username (ie. crhs\username).  Don't forget the \ or you won't be able to login.
3.) Enter your password
4.) Click OK

You should now be at the homepage of the SharePoint site, just like you were at school.  From here you can navigate throughout to find your teacher's individual site.

If you have read these directions and still can't login please email support@clearviewregional.edu.  Make sure you detail the problems and leave us a call back number in case we need to reach you.  Thank You

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