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2010-11 School Profile


John Horchak III, Superintendent of Schools

Diane Cummins, Assistant Superintendent for Curriculum & Instruction

Esther Pennell, Business Administrator

Dodd Terry, Director of Guidance

Jeff Chierici, Director of Special Services

Keith Brook, High School Principal

Michael Vicente, Middle School Principal

Michael Holm, High School Assistant Principal

Thomas Jones, High School Assistant Principal

Dawn Scalfaro, High School Assistant Principal

Kathleen McKinney, Middle School Assistant Principal

Gregory Horton, Director of Student Activities/Athletics

Instructional Supervisors

Ronald Antinori, Science

Sheldon Berman, Mathematics

Tracy Matozzo, Language Arts Literacy

Tammy McHale, Special Education

High School Counseling Staff
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Christina Boody

Lisa Burke

Rocco Cornacchia

Jennine Donnelly

Zalphia Wilson-Hill

Middle School Counseling Staff

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Steve Moraca

Debbie Wilson

Michael Zappala

The Community
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The regional school district includes rural and suburban areas of Mantua and Harrison Townships  with a combined population of over 25,000. The socio-economic level continues to increase including executive, professional, skilled labor, and farming occupations. The community is located within 30 minutes of metropolitan Philadelphia. Residents have high expectations for their schools and are welcomed participants in the educational process.

The Schools
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The Clearview district is composed of the Middle School - grades 7 and 8, and the High School - grades 9 through 12. The Middle School enrollment is approximately 930 and the High School enrollment is approximately 1,600. Both schools are located on one large campus with athletic fields, tennis courts, and other facilities which are used extensively for both school and community activities. 

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Clearview's Program of Studies provides a comprehensive curriculum for all students including:

  • A complete college preparation course of study
  • Advanced-level, Honors, and 14 Advanced Placement course offerings in Art, English, Math, Music, Science, Social Sciences, and World Languages  
  • Comprehensive course offerings in Career & Technology Education and Family & Consumer Sciences with emphasis on 21st Century Skill development
  • Various Visual and Performing Arts courses, including award winning Choral and Instrumental Music and Fine and Performing Arts programs 
  • An advanced Child Development program, including an on-campus daycare facility 
  • Numerous course offerings with dual-credit Community College Agreements

Special Needs Program
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The district offers a complete range of services for special needs students. Inclusive and Resource Center classrooms are interspersed throughout both the Middle and High Schools, and students have access to assistive technologies, reading labs and individualized supports where necessary. The district continues to expand and enhance classrooms for students with Multiple Disabilities. Teachers have continued to develop a network of community resources and specialized programs to foster important life and work skills. Special Olympics and life-skills instruction are built into the programs.


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The Library Media Center is fully automated and networked to all classrooms. The LMC has many databases available online with remote access from home for students and staff. The library media center is staffed by a certified school library media specialist (librarian) and an administrative assistant.

Volume: 24,750

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School Attendance rate:           95.1%
Dropout rate:                               .5%
Student/Teacher Ratio:             13.5/1

132 Credits which must include:
20.0 credits Language Arts Literacy
15.0 credits Social Studies
20.0 credits Physical Education/Health
15.0 credits Mathematics
15.0 credits Science
5.0 credits World Language
5.0 credits Visual, Performing Arts
5.0 credits 21st Century Life & Careers or Career-Technical Education
32.0 credits Electives

Class Rank
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 Honors and Advanced Placement Courses are weighted. All students are ranked according to the following formula:

Grade X Credits attempted   = Grade Point
Total Credits Attempted            Average

Grade Scale
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70 - 100    = Passing
below 70    = Failure

Clearview Regional High School utilizes the numerical grade without conversion to a letter grade. 

When conversion to an "alpha" grade is required, the following grade scale may be used.

93 - 100 = A
85 - 92 = B
76 - 84 = C
70 - 75 = D
below 70 = Failure

SAT Average Scores:

  Clearview State National
Critical Reading: 498 495 497
Math: 530 516 514
Writing: 493 497 489

52.1%   4 year colleges
35.1%   2 year colleges*
1.8%   Trade/Technical Schools
2.6%   Employment
         *Includes students in the NJ STARS Program  

HSPA Scores - 2010/2011
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The High School Proficiency Assessment is a state requirement for graduation in New Jersey.
Percentage of total student population successfully passing the HSPA-11:

Language Arts/Literacy: 97.6%
Math: 85.2%

Clearview offers a variety of extra-curricular activities including the Science League, DECA (a national marketing education program), FCCLA (Family, Career, & Community Leaders of America), Mock Trial, Mathematics and Foreign Language competitions, as well as a comprehensive athletic program. The school has won many conference and South Jersey championships, including many individual honors. The instrumental, theater and vocal groups have received national and statewide awards and recognition.  The high school marching band continues to excel at the regional and state levels.
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