Wednesday, July 30, 2014
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Board Of Education

The Board of Education will hold Regular Public Meetings the fourth Thursday of each month at 7:00 p.m. in the Public Conference Room of the Administration Building.  Exceptions to this schedule are so noted.  Formal action may be taken at all meetings.


Pictured in the front row (l to r) Michele Giaquinto (Vice President), Patrick Campbell (President), John Horchak III (Superintendent), Esther Pennell (Business Administrator/Board Secretary).

Pictured in the back row (l to r) Paul Ware, Ronald Moore, Debbie Lundberg, Karen Vick, Timothy Van Noy, Donald Coughlan, Vince Cataldi



Board Members

Mr. Patrick Campbell, President
Harrison Township

Mrs. Michele Giaquinto, Vice President
Mantua Township

Mr. Vincent Cataldi, Jr.
Mantua Township

Mr. Donald Coughlan
Mantua Township

Mrs. Debbie Lundberg
Mantua Township

Mr. Ron Moore
Harrison Township

Mr. Timothy Van Noy
Harrison Township

Mr. Paul Ware
Harrison Township

Mrs. Karen Vick
Mantua Township



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Meeting Schedules

Regular Public Meetings will be held  each month at 7:00 p.m. in the Public Conference Room of the Administration Building.  Formal action will be taken at all meetings.

January 2014
Reorganization - 2nd
Public Meeting - 22nd

February 2014
Public Meeting - 26th

March 2014
Public Meeting - 19th
Public Meeting - 26th Cancelled

April 2014
Public Meeting - 17th - Cancelled
Public Meeting - 24th

May 2014
Special Meeting - 7th (Public Hearing on 2014/2015 Budget)
Public Meeting - 29th

June 2014
Public Meeting - 19th

July 2014
Public Meeting - 24th (Pending Necessity for Meeting)

August 2014
Public Meeting - 28th

September 2014
Public Meeting - 18th 

October 2014
Public Meeting - 16th

November 2014
Public Meeting - 20th

December 2014
Public Meeting - 18th


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